The Link Between Quantum Physics and Sacred Geometry

The Link Between Quantum Physics and Sacred Geometry

Quantum physics and sacred geometry are both complex and fascinating topics. What's even more interesting is that the two are closely related. Both, in different ways, deal with the fundamental aspects of our universe. Fortunately, you don't have to be a mathematician or scientist to appreciate this connection. Let's look at some of the basic ideas underlying these two realms and how they intersect. 

Quantum Physics

Quantum physics, also called quantum mechanics or quantum theory is the study of extremely small particles such as photons and electrons. The term was created to differentiate it from classical mechanics, which measures visible objects. Scientists such as Max Planck, Albert Einstein, Werner Heisenberg, and others found that particles at the quantum level behave very differently from everyday objects.

Quantum Jumps

Classical physicists such as Isaac Newton identified certain laws that govern the behavior of particles. One of the best-known examples is Newton's observation that gravity causes an apple to fall to the ground. In the early 20th century, however, scientists discovered that particles at the quantum level don't behave in such predictable ways. Apples or anything we can see move in ways that can be easily measured. Particles such as electrons, however, make what are known as quantum jumps or leaps in which they can change their state very quickly. These changes can only be measured with the most sophisticated instruments such as electron microscopes. 

Waves and Particles

Another strange thing about electrons is that they can appear as either waves or particles. This is also true of light. Physicists call this wave-particle duality, a phenomenon first observed by Einstein. Scientists were baffled that light can behave like a particle or wave depending on the type of experiment. More recently, researchers have discovered a way to demonstrate that light can behave like a particle and wave simultaneously

Many Worlds, Holograms, and the Simulation Hypothesis

Although quantum physics is now over a century old, it's still an extremely dynamic and controversial area of study. Leading scientists have many competing theories on what causes various effects and even about the fundamental nature of the universe. Some quantum physicists believe that the universe is made of many dimensions. This is called the many-worlds theory and actually overlaps with certain mystical and new age ideas as well as themes from fantasy and science fiction novels and films. 

Another theory is that the universe is a hologram, a structure where the parts mirror the whole. Perhaps the most bizarre theory that some scientists subscribe to is that our world is a simulation, like a video game. According to the simulation hypothesis, we may be like characters in The Matrix, controlled by unseen programmers. 

Sacred Geometry

Sacred geometry is the study of spiritual and sacred meanings in symbols, shapes and proportions. There are many examples of this in nature and art. The following are a few examples of important sacred geometry shapes and ratios. 

The Golden Ratio and Fibonacci Sequence

This unique measure, also known as the Golden Mean, has an approximate value of 1.618. It can be expressed as an equation:

A/B = A+B/A= 1.618

A represents the longer section of a line divided into two and B is the smaller section. The larger section divided by the smaller must be equal to the sum of A + B divided by A.

The Fibonacci sequence is a simple mathematical sequence that yields profound results. Each number is the sum of the two preceding numbers as in:

 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21...and so on.

What's fascinating about the Fibonacci Sequence is its relationship to the Golden Mean. If you divide any number in the sequence by its predecessor, you get the Golden ratio number of 1.68. 

Metatron's Cube and the Flower of Life

Metatron's Cube is a symbol composed of 13 spheres, each representing an Archangel. This symbol also contains the 5 Platonic Solids that are crucial to sacred geometry: Tetrahedron, Hexahedron, Octahedron, Dodecahedron, and Icosahedron. Metatron's Cube is derived from the Flower of Life, a symbol made of overlapping circles in a pattern that resembles a flower. You can find Flower of Life patterns in architecture (especially religious and spiritual buildings) in many parts of the world. 

Sri Yantra

The Sri Yantra is a sacred symbol from Tantric Hinduism, consisting of 9 triangles that intersect to form 43 smaller ones. Each triangle represents a deity or aspect of creation. The Sri Yantra as a whole represents the union of the masculine and feminine as well as between the earth and the cosmos. The symbol is often worn for protection and to attract positive influences in one's life. 

The Prevalence of Sacred Geometry  

Since ancient times, people have built structures such as megaliths, pyramids, temples, churches, and palaces based on certain proportions. Geometric ratios such as The Golden Ratio were believed to create harmony and spiritual enlightenment.

Sacred geometry is found in nature as well as art and architecture. In fact, ancient artists and architects were probably first inspired by observing these proportions in trees, flowers, nautilus shells, and animal organs. More recently, we can recognize these patterns in the building blocks of our own bodies. The double helix structure of DNA contains the Golden Ratio.

How Quantum Physics is Connected to Sacred Geometry

While sacred geometry dates back to the dawn of civilization, quantum physics is a relatively new science. However, scientists are finding that geometry is crucial for explaining many aspects of the universe. Let's look at some of the ways that these two realms are linked.

The Amplituhedron


As Quanta Magazine reports, physicists have discovered a geometric object they call an amplituhedron that helps to explain paradoxes involving space and time. Space and time are no longer seen as fundamental aspects of reality but as properties that come forth out of this geometry. While this is still a fairly new discovery, some physicists believe that the amplituhedron may help to explain black holes as well as a quantum theory of gravity

E8 and the Theory of Everything 

E8 - Theory of Everything

Back in the 19th century, scientists hypothesized the existence of a complex symmetrical structure called E8. At the time, it was only a theory and there was no way to prove its actual existence. More recently, however, experiments have found evidence that it may actually exist. E8, which has been called a "beautiful symmetry" by researchers, may help to create a Theory of Everything, which scientists have long sought. 

The universe may be created through tetrahedrons. Some contemporary scientists believe that sacred geometry contains the key to many quantum mysteries such as black holes and the process of creation itself. Nassim Haramein, for example, proposes that a 64-star tetrahedron, made of eight smaller tetrahedrons of 8-stars, is the perfect structure for creating worlds in a balanced way. 

The Importance of Symmetry

Symmetry is fundamental to both sacred geometry and quantum physics. This is fairly intuitive when it comes to sacred geometry as we can see the symmetry in symbols such as mandalas, the Flower of Life. We can also see it in the art and architecture that comes out of sacred geometry. Indeed, this was one of the primary motivations of artists, architects, and designers to employ principles such as the Golden Ratio.

Symmetry is less obvious but equally important in quantum physics. Domino Valdano, in an insightful article on Medium, Why is Symmetry So Important in Physics? points out that one of the leading online publications on particle physics is named Symmetry Magazine. Valdano explains how symmetry is fundamental to mathematics and physics.  

A video posted to YouTube, Sacred Geometry Theory of Everything does a good job illustrating the close connection between geometry and physics. As the video explains, both sacred geometry and quantum physics are based on the idea of symmetry at the heart of everything. 

Sacred Geometry and Quantum Physics are Crucial to Understanding Our World

Sacred geometry and quantum physics are distinct but closely related fields that help us to better understand the world. They both help us bridge the gap between spirituality and science. Sacred geometry shows us that shapes and proportions are not only pleasing to the eye (though this is certainly important in itself!) but rooted in the very fabric of nature. Quantum physics has revealed that the universe is far more mysterious and less solid than materialistic scientists of the 19th and 20th centuries believed. By studying and appreciating these two realms we gain deeper insight into the universe and ourselves. 


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