Sacred DNA and Sacred Geometry: Understanding the Math and the Magic Behind Our World

Sacred DNA and Sacred Geometry: Understanding the Math and the Magic Behind Our World


It has been said that the language of the Universe is one of numerical patterns that merge together to form stunningly beautiful geometric shapes that are templates for our very planetary existence. Nature is full of examples of these sacred geometric numbers sequences made manifest in numerous eye-catching designs, from the arrangement of leaves around a stem to the spirals on a sunflower. 

The Magic of Sacred Geometry

Some of the most prevalent of these patterns form using irrational numbers and number sequences known as Phi and The Fibonacci Sequence. While it may be surprising to learn that nature forms using these irrational number sets, given how cohesively beautiful it appears, the story behind the story is that these configurations actually contain a lot of 'rational' wisdom. For example, using irrational number ratios to form leaf patterns on a tree allows for optimal sunlight and rainwater to reach both the upper and lower branches of the organism. 

In this way, these number sequences show the benefits of interconnectedness between two seemingly opposing viewpoints, the 'irrational' and the 'rational'. In scientific terms, this complex, nonlinear way in which the world is formed is known of chaos theory. The bridge between the 'irrational' number sets and the 'rational' designs they form into is built by fractal patterns. This is why the you will sometimes hear people saying that we are living in a 'fractal' Universe. 

Exciting new research has revealed that the reason our eyes are so drawn to the seemingly magical patterns in nature may go deeper than just their ethereal beauty. This is because Phi, the Fibonacci Sequence, and fractal patterns don't just show up externally in nature's bounty. As it turns out, they are also encoded in our very DNA. Scientists who have recognized their appearance there are helping us to unlock the fascinating mechanisms by which nature's mathematical constants unfold inside of each of us to ensure that we have everything we need to thrive. 

What are Phi, the Fibonacci Sequence, and Fractal Patterns?

To better understand how Phi, the Fibonacci Sequence, and fractal patterns all unfold inside of our DNA to create sacred patterns of design, it's helpful to have a basic understanding of their structure.

As mentioned, the two mathematical constants of Phi and the Fibonacci Sequence are irrational numbers, which are numbers that cannot be written as a simple fraction. Phi is derived when you split a line into two sections in such a way that dividing the whole length of the line by its longer part is equal to dividing its longer part by its shorter part. The equation for Phi is:

(a + b)/a = a/b

Numerically, Phi equals approximately 1.618. In reality, this number actually goes on to infinity: 1.6180339887498948420...Because it is found not only throughout the natural world but also in many ancient structures that have survived for millennia, Phi is known by many popular names, including The Golden Section and The Golden Ratio.

Because Phi has a relationship with The Fibonacci Sequence, the latter is known as The Golden Sequence or The Golden Spiral. This sequence starts off with the numbers zero and one. By adding the two previous digits of the sequence together, you uncover the next number in the pattern. Here are the first thirteen numbers of The Fibonacci Sequence:

0,1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144...... 

The interesting aspect of the Fibonacci Sequence is that when you take the ratio of any 2 successive Fibonacci numbers, you get a number close to Phi. The bigger the numbers, the closer their ratios are to Phi. For example, 8/5 is 1.6, and 144/89 is 1.618.

How does this sequence relate to nature? Mapping the Fibonacci Sequence on a graph creates a spiral that gets wider by Phi (~1.618) at every quarter turn. This Fibonacci Spiral can be seen on the design patterns of many plants, animals, fruits, and vegetables such as pine cones, seashells, pineapples, and even broccoli. These design patterns are known as fractals. 

A fractal is simply a mathematically identical pattern that repeats itself consistently and perfectly at different scales within an object or curve. A piece of fractal art, for instance, would be created from the same identical pattern laid down at different scales to create the whole piece. There are many different types of fractals in nature, including those that showcase these Fibonacci Spirals.

Sacred Geometry Within Our DNA

You may have heard of the newly emerging science of epigenetics, which reveals that we have more power over shaping how our DNA expresses itself than we previously thought. In fact, our emotions and actions have the ability to "turn on" and "turn off" certain components within our DNA that can lead to greater health. In other words, we have the ability to design the specific patterns that unfold in our lives by understanding and optimizing our unique DNA blueprint.

Over the course of several decades, researchers began conducting a series of groundbreaking experiments to determine just how these "on" and "off" switches are structured within our DNA.  They found that our DNA is actually designed around distinct sets of mathematical symmetries. Can you guess which of these symmetries our DNA blueprint holds?

That's right: Phi and the Fibonacci Sequence.

Our DNA's Structure

To understand how the sacred patterns such as Phi and the Fibonacci Sequence are intertwined throughout our DNA, here's a review of the 3-tiered structure of our DNA.

Level 1: The Double Helix

Many people are familiar with the DNA double helix, which is two strands of nucleic acid wound together in the shape of a curved ladder. This ladder is made up of elements called nucleotides. A nucleotide is a 3-part structure that is considered the basic building block of the DNA double helix. It consists of one phosphorous molecule, one sugar molecule, and one of the 4 base molecules: Adenine (A), Thymine (T), Cytosine (C), or Guanine (G). 

Level 2: Our Genes

Next up the DNA hierarchical structure comes our genes. Simply put, our genes are long snippets of this DNA double helix. Our genes code for the formation of specific proteins. Because genes and proteins are written in two different languages, they need a "translation service". Codons provide this service. A codon is a series of 3 nucleotides that form a unit of genetic code. This allows for the correct DNA molecules to match up with their corresponding amino acid sequences. Amino acids sequences are the building blocks, or "languages", of proteins.

There are 64 codons. The full set of relationships between codons and amino acids is called The Genetic Code. The Genetic Code is mapped out on the The Genetic Code Table.

Level 3: Our Chromosomes

You can think of our chromosomes as the house in which our DNA lives. It contains genes that code for protein creation, along with long strands of DNA that for a long time were known as "junk" DNA (more on that soon). These genes and additional DNA strands are all wrapped around proteins called histones. The histones act as a kind of storage depot for DNA while it is waiting to create additional proteins. Humans each have 23 pairs of chromosomes, for a total of 46.

Mapping Out Our Genetic Code Holistically 

It wasn't until scientists such as Jean Claude Perez decided to take a deeper look at our Genetic Code that sacred geometry came into clearer view. Like others before him, he was determined to look for the story behind the story of our DNA's design. He realized that only 2% of the DNA that is found on our chromosomes codes for proteins. That meant that the remaining 98%, the so-called 'junk DNA', was still a bit of a mystery. The engineer in him wondered if mapping the codons for 100% of our DNA, and not just 2%, would reveal any patterns. Here are just some of his and fellow scientists' fascinating findings:

  • The ratio of one complete turn of our DNA 'double helix' equals Phi, and is made up of the Fibonacci numbers 21 and 34.
  • The entire Human Genome can be best characterized by just three numbers: 1,2, and The Golden Ratio of Phi.
  • Of the six mathematical symmetries that occur when comparing codon populations, three of these ratios are 1:1 and the other three are (3-Phi)/2.
  • When you over overlay these six symmetries on one another, a set of 32 'Golden' Stairs emerges, along with another sacred fractal called 'The Dragon Curve'.
  • Our DNA's mathematical rules create a self-correcting, self-repairing blueprint that is designed to help us thrive.

Interestingly, the frequencies at which several groups of 8 codons appear corresponds to the ratios of musical notes in an octave, which each hold 7 notes, and the 8th note is the return note. There are also 7 main musical notes used for healing our chakra system. 

Sacred Geometry, DNA, and Big Picture Thinking

The findings from these holistic studies of our DNA structure seem to indicate that we are specifically designed using the Universal language of cohesive proportions. Just as irrational fractal patterns are formed on leaves to allow for optimal sunlight and rainwater to reach both upper and lower branches, so too does our DNA blueprint use sacred geometric patterns to help us form advantageous processes of healthy self-organization. 

Our DNA structure can also be thought of as reflecting the structure of our larger life goals. Like the complex genome patterns that are formed using irrational number patterns, and constantly "reshaped" to help us thrive, so too is the path to our greater goals often wrought with nonlinear steps that can take us on a spiraling path of self-discovery. Along the way we learn that these steps, when viewed holistically, are actually causing new and positive patterns to emerge in our lives. Each of these positive patterns must be repeated over and over again in order to form a cohesive and beautiful fractal arrangement, one that holds the entire Universe of our dreams within its unique and breathtaking design.

Our line of sacred geometric clothing and accessories are meant to inspire both your inner and outer journey towards your dreams and goals, and reflect back to you the beautiful creativity that is encoded in your very being.  

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