7 Life-Changing Benefits of Opening Your Third Eye

7 Life-Changing Benefits of Opening Your Third Eye

The concept of the third eye is one that a lot of people are passingly familiar with. Connected to the ajna chakra (the one located in the brow), this is the sixth chakra in the Hindu tradition. While your two normal eyes allow you to see the physical world all around you, the third eye is associated with intuition, the future, and in some traditions with the spirit world as well. While everyone possesses a third eye, not everyone has taken the time to open it, and to perceive the world through it. Those who put in the time and effort to open this chakra, though, will find that doing so offers them a number of benefits in their day-to-day lives.

Benefits like...

Benefit #1: It Brings Balance To Your Other Chakras

Because the sixth chakra stands at the highest place in the body, and is connected to what might arguably be our most important organ, it holds a special place of power and position. If one can open up their third eye, then it tends to bring their other chakras into closer alignment. This allows you to pull yourself together, creating an internal harmony that lets you face the world as a unified whole, rather than as someone who is out-of-step with their own self according to Psychic Gurus.

Benefit #2: You Will Get Better Sleep

When your energies are not in alignment, it can disrupt your sleep just as surely as if there was too much pressure on your hips, or something pushing into your back. Because the ajna chakra is associated with the brain, and more importantly with the pineal gland, it has a great deal of influence over your sleep patterns and quality. In addition to ensuring you get a better quality of sleep, though, opening your third eye will also allow you to more clearly see your dreams, as they are most easily interpreted through the lens of this particular chakra.

Benefit #3: Your Creative Energies Will Flow

The third eye is associated with seeing things outside yourself, but it is also about seeing into yourself, and the world that lives inside your mind. By strengthening and opening this chakra, you will be able to get in touch with your inner creativity in ways that may have been difficult or sporadic in the past. The imagination flows through this chakra, and keeping it open will allow you to tap into that part of yourself with a greater ease than you've ever experienced before.

Benefit #4: People Will Be Drawn To You

While there are benefits to being in-tune with yourself, when you align your chakras, this also brings you in-line with the flow of the universal energies all around you. You become part of the flow, rather than the rocks trying to break up that flow. According to Inner Outer Peace, this will cause people (and even events) to flow toward you. It's like opening your third eye turns you into a magnet; other people will be drawn to it, even if they may not quite understand why, themselves.

Benefit #5: Clarity and Focus

We've all had those times where we feel stressed out about something. Maybe it was those bills we had coming that we weren't sure we could cover, a conversation with a loved one about a difficult topic, or just general frustrations with your work, your neighbors, or some other aspect of your life. All that stress can weigh on you, but more importantly, it can cloud your mind and make it difficult for you to see the solutions that are right in front of you. If you open your third eye, though, it pierces through the fog of stress and frustration, allowing you to see past all of the anxieties and problems that may seem insurmountable. This clarity of mind will put to rest doubts, and allow you to see through to the heart of an issue, and to find solutions that you never would have seen with the chakra closed.

Benefit #6: Finding The Best Path

Trying to figure out where to go from where you are is one of life's eternal struggles. And because everyone is trying to go somewhere different, there is no one answer that will work for everyone. However, by opening your third eye, you can see inside yourself, and find your own path. By seeing the hidden world around you, and the hidden world withing yourself, you will understand yourself, your needs, and your desires more fully than you did before. This will allow you to make better decisions for yourself, and to find the opportunities you need to get you from where you are, to where you want to be.

Benefit #7: Lucid Dreaming and Astral Travel

Have you ever been in a dream, and known you were dreaming, but you still couldn't change the course of what was happening? Well, there are some people who can take control of their dreams, and maintain their agency during these nocturnal adventures. This is called lucid dreaming, and those who are in-tune with their ajna chakra often find they have significantly more control over their dreams than they did before they opened it up. There are also some who believe that the opening of the third eye is the key to astral travel and projection. The idea is that, by connecting your mind to the greater universe all around you, your consciousness can leave your body to experience other times and other places.

There are all kinds of benefits to learning how to open your third eye chakra. It helps you become more in-tune with yourself, and with the world around you, in addition to allowing you to shed stress and find clear paths to the solutions you need in your life. While it takes a lot of work to reach that chakra, once you finally manage to scale that summit, it is all worth the effort. 

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