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Sacred symbols and sacred geometry have been used throughout history by all cultures for a variety of purposes. Such symbols can help people feel connected to their culture as well as more attuned to the divine. Many traditions also teach that sacred geometry has healing powers. Today, people often embrace these symbols for their aesthetic appeal as well as more esoteric reasons. Let's look at some of the top ways that sacred geometry and symbols can transform your life. 

1. They Help You Understand the Sacred

Symbols have always been a bridge between the human and the divine. The following are some of the symbols that humans worldwide have used in art, clothing, jewelry, architecture, tattoos, and across cultures. 

  • Spirals -Used in many cultures including the Aborigines of Australia, Native Americans, and Celts. 
  • Cross - Today, the cross is the best-known symbol of Christianity but crosses were used long before the Christian era. The cross has many meanings, including the intersection of matter and spirit.
  • Yin and Yang -This Chinese symbol is often used in Taoism to illustrate the dualistic nature of life and how positive and negative are connected. 
  • Tree of Life - Many cultures have a Tree of Life symbol. The Kabbalah (also spelled Qabalah) uses a Tree of Life symbol that has 22 paths, which also correspond to the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet and the 22 Major Arcana of the Tarot. 
  • Flower of Life - A symbol composed of many overlapping circles that form a flower-like pattern. One specific form of the Flower of Life, in which 13 circles with connecting lines, is called Metatron's Cube
  • Ankh - This is the ancient Egyptian hieroglyph is actually a type of cross. It symbolizes life or breath of life and is often worn as a pendant. 
  • Sri Yantra - This Hindu symbol is widely used for meditation as well as to bring prosperity and good fortune. It also represents the divine feminine. The symbol consists of 9 triangles that surround a central point called the Bindu. 

These are just a few examples of sacred symbols. There are countless others, some particular to certain cultures others more universal. In all cases, these symbols are a link between yourself and the sacred. I

2. They Help With Meditation

There are numerous benefits to meditating. It can help you relieve stress, clarify your mind, and make you feel renewed. Sacred geometry symbols can be powerful to assist with meditation. Some symbols, such as the Sri Yantra, have longed been used for this purpose. Any symbol that has meaning for you can help you relax and achieve a more centered state of mind. There are a number of ways you can enhance meditation with sacred symbols.

You can meditate using a physical depiction of the symbol such as a print on the wall. You might also wear a pendant or other piece of jewelry or place it in front of you while meditating. Some people find it helpful to have an altar in the space where they meditate on which they place any number of sacred objects and symbols. You can also meditate without any tangible objects. You can imagine the symbol in your mind's eye. This is useful for both silent and active meditations. For example, place a depiction of the symbol where you can see it at work, while studying, exercising, or doing everyday chores. 

Whether you're using a physical tool or just your imagination, choose a symbol that embodies something you're trying to achieve. An example that most people will recognize is the horseshoe for good luck. The Chinese have quite a few symbols for luck and prosperity such as the Fu symbol. Other cultures also have symbols that can be used to attract certain qualities or states.  

3.  Symbols are Useful for Healing

Symbols can be powerful agents for healing. They can be used to facilitate both psychological and physical healing. They help focus the consciousness in a positive way and assist any other treatments you may be using. Here are just a few examples of how symbols and sacred geometry have been used in healing in both ancient and modern times.

The 7 Chakras

In ancient India, yogis and mystics identified 7 chakras that correspond to energy centers of the body. A chakra, which means wheel in Sanskrit, is a dynamic force that affects both the mind and body. Chakras are not physical parts of the body but symbols that represent different energies. Each chakra is represented by a color. In Ayurvedic medicine of India, you can use the chakras for healing by meditating on any chakra that's out of balance. 

Reiki Symbols

Reiki, while related to many ancient systems of healing, is a relatively new healing system created by a Japanese man named Mikao Usui in the early 20th century. Reiki healing is based on light touch but is heavily grounded in the use of symbols. Reiki healers use 5 primary symbols as they balance the body and energies of the people on whom they're working. Even people who aren't very familiar with Reiki sometimes wear or post these healing symbols for their own well-being.

Use Symbols in Conjunction With Other Healing Modalities

Sacred symbols shouldn't be used as a replacement for medical care. In fact, they work best when used along with other modalities, both traditional and alternative. Aside from taking any necessary medications, you can use sacred geometry along with other natural and esoteric healing methods such as:

  • Essential oils. Aromatic oils are a perfect complement to sacred geometry as they affect different senses. For example, breathing in a relaxing scent such as lavender while contemplating a symbol such as Metatron's Cube can enhance the effect of both. 
  • Massage and other bodywork. Some healers and bodyworkers use symbols in their workspace to help relax clients and put them in a more receptive state of mind.
  • Gemstone therapy. Another ancient method of healing involves minerals such as rocks, crystals, and gemstones. You can hold, sleep with, and carry around a variety of stones for different purposes. 
  • Flower essences. This is a type of homeopathic healing that uses essences from plants and flowers for certain effects. The best known are the Bach Flower Remedies, which attribute healing powers to different essences. These are often used to balance the emotions and work on long-term psychological healing. 

These are some of the ways that sacred symbols can transform your life. Once you open yourself to the beneficial effects of symbols, you'll start to notice them in your everyday life. You might observe them in nature as well as in the objects that surround you. For example, spirals are commonly found in flowers, plants, and sea creatures. When you work with symbols keep in mind that they may have a unique significance to you in addition to their traditional meanings. As you work with them, you'll learn which symbols are a natural match for your personality.  

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